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Otto Jahn - Life of Mozart 1
05.03.2017, 23:00

Otto Jahn - Life of Mozart 1
Life of Mozart, Volume I of III

Otto Jahn: Life of Mozart (1891) - Vol. 1

In terms of musical composition, all but the first five of his thirty-five years were astoundingly productive for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-91). A stream of glorious symphonies, piano concertos, chamber music, operas and the sublime but unfinished Requiem poured from his pen. German philologist and archaeologist Otto Jahn (1813-69) was inspired to write a scholarly biography of Mozart following a conversation at Mendelssohn's funeral in 1847. He immIersed himself in intensive research on the composer and his music, publishing the first edition of this landmark work in four volumes between 1856 and 1859. A second edition followed in 1867, incorporating new material and making use of Köchel's 1862 catalogue of Mozart's works. It is from this edition that Pauline D. Townsend made her three-volume English translation, first published in 1882. Volume 1 covers Mozart's life to 1778, including tours with his father and employment under Archbishop Colloredo.

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