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02:56 Вторник 02.03.2021
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Толкование символики Христианства ( 6 из 6 )

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In each episode, the presenter, Christy Kenneally begins by posing a key question that is fundamental to our understanding of Christianity. He then sets out to find the answer to this question, investigating and decoding the signs, symbols, iconography, myths and miracles of Christianity. He seeks out the sources that hold the key to understanding our initial question and thus comes closer to decoding Christianity itself. Over six episodes, the presenter's quest takes him to far-flung corners of the earth: from the primitive frescos in the catacombs of Rome, to the massive, colourful pilgrimage at Kulubi in Ethiopia, to the extraordinary Hill of Crosses in Lithuania, we are taken on a journey into Christianity in all its fascinating and colourful manifestations.

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