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17:46 Суббота 21.04.2018
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Chucho Valdes - Irakere 40 - Estival Jazz Lugano 2015
05.08.2015, 23:53

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Chucho Valdes - Irakere 40 - Estival Jazz Lugano 2015 (HDTV 720p)

Год выхода: 2015
Жанр:jazz, latin jazz, afro-cuban jazz, big band, piano jazz

Irakere are a classic Cuban big band that play an explosive mix of jazz, rock, classical music and traditional Cuban music, including Afro‐Cuban religious music and instruments. In its early days the band was a crucial musical laboratory, where historic innovations in both Afro‐Cuban jazz and Cuban popular dance music were created; they used a wide array of percussion instruments including the batá, abacuá and arará drums, chequerés, erikundis, maracas, claves, cencerros, bongó, tumbadoras (congas), and güiro. Irakare have released more than 30 albums and and won a Grammy Award for Best Latin Recording.

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