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Hans Conrad Fischer Movie Collection (The Lives of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Bruckner)
12.12.2012, 00:47

1. The Life of Bach (A film by Hans Conrad Fischer)
The official biographical film on J.S. Bach by film director Hans Conrad Fischer, produced for the 300th anniversary of Bach's birth, shot on location and featuring excerpts from many of Bach's works.

2. The Life of Mozart (A film by Hans Conrad Fischer)
An enlightening film on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Hans Conrad Fischer.

Filmed on location and featuring renowned artists performing many excerpts from Mozart's Oeuvre.

English: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's signature.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's signature.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hans Conrad Fischer almost created a new film genre with his The Life of Mozart, a documentary of epic proportions which provides a totally absorbing study of the composer's life and times, making use of contemporary material and revisiting the scenes of his tribulations and triumphs ... Berlin, London, Mannheim, Paris, Prague, Salzburg, Verona and Vienna.
Made in 1966 the film is in black and white.
The world premiere was at the Royal Festival Hall, London.

3. The Life of Beethoven (A film by Hans Conrad Fischer)

4. The Life of Anton Bruckner (A film by Hans Conrad Fischer)
This beautiful and rare film documents Anton Bruckner's entire life in the form of narrative and actual quotations...his triumphs, defeats, joys, passions, friends and enemies from his birth to his death. It reveals to us the man himself and his extraordinary art. With scenes and footage from his home, his landscapes, his travels and workplaces offers us the rare opportunity to understand and know Bruckner like never before. The film is interlaced with selections and excerpts from his symphonies, choral and chamber music filmed on location in the beautiful architectural baroque churches of Germany and Austria.

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