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John Lennon: Love Is All You Need
22.10.2016, 21:27

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Title: John Lennon: Love Is All You Need
Director: Alan Byron
Year: 2011
Country of Production: UK
Genre: Dockumentary
Cast: The Beatles, Cynthia Lennon, Julian Lennon, Yoko Ono, etc
Language: English
Runtime: 01:22:52

The story of this amazingly talented cornerstone of the Beatles unfolds in an incredible documentary. Featuring interviews with those closest to him, including wives Cynthia and Yoko Ono, son Julian and more, you get a firsthand accounting of how it all started, how it went right, how it went wrong and John's solo journey into advocacy for world peace.

Review: I have a great deal of difficulty in understanding why people continue to honor one of the lowest of the low. This is a man who came from a family dependent on the English Dole, their version of America's Welfare System. So what does this guy do after amassing a fortune and when faced with a heavy British tax burden? He flees to the country he constantly berated, America and forced himself to live in our "tyrannical and oppressive" society so that he could keep more of his income as our tax rates were a fraction of those in Great Britain. Hell, the guy fought for years in court just to allow himself (for fake reasons), admittance to this country after being banned for a long term stay over drug problems of his own making. The real reason? MONEY.
The man was a tremendous song writer, no doubt about it. I enjoyed and continue to enjoy much of his music. I thought his final two albums were absolutely dreadful and not the "re-births" that the liberal media types made them out to be.
The guy had a socialist front that was false and communist ideologies which he probably believed in as long as they didn't directly effect him. He married a talentless groupie whose claim to be an artist existed only in her own mind. Looking at what she managed to do with Mr. Lennons remaining fortune did show that she had some investment acumen, especially in real estate and turned Mr. Lennons declining fortune into quite an impressive amount of wealth, none of which her late husband got to see.
For me John Lennon died after his first studio album following the breakup of the Beatles. Mr. Champmans rather impressive shot grouping merely killed the remaining husk.
Instead of spending your money in some sort of worshiping of a deeply troubled and mostly despicable man, why don't you donate the money to some worthwhile cause that you seem to associate John Lennon with. For me that would be in the form of purchasing a Rickenbacker guitar of the type that Mr. Lennon never managed to master. Wanna donate to "peace"? Send some money to UNICEF. But for goodness sake, stop with the worship of this treasonous, immoral and self destructive dead man. If you really want to experience the "real" John Lennon as created by the music industry and by his and his bandmates talent, buy a complete box set of his musical works. That in essence was all he was. One of two of the greatest pair of songwriters to ever walk the earth with an emphasis on the word "pair". Look at what Mr. Lennon did by himself and what Mr. McCartney continues to do by himself and compare it to what they accomplished as a pair. When the Beatles broke up or actually shortly prior to that when the two old friends grew apart and stopped working together as a team, the quality of the music they produced dropped off incredibly. They are apart merely shells of what they were together.
And for goodness sake, take reality in hand and realize that this man was nothing more and nothing less than a musician, a performer. Certainly nothing to worship unless you truly think highly of a failed parent, an anti personal freedom "fighter" and a drug abusing drunkard. If Chapman wouldn't have shot him to death he probably would have gone the way of his best friend and drinking buddy, Harry Nillson whose creative career died just around the same time as John Lennons. It just took his liver another 30 years to catch up.
Grow up people, there are real people out there worth admiring. Enjoy the mans music and quit with the false hero worship B.S. This man was in no way a hero. He claimed to be a socialist but no one would have ever heard of him if it weren't for his supposedly hated capitalism. Aak hia oldest child how great a person he was if you want a genuine take on the man. They barely knew each other and Mr. Lennon to my knowledge never even saw his eldest son after hitching up with that skank groupie/prostitue, Yoko Ono. Ask his first wife whose very existance he intially tried to hide from the public during the Beatles early years just how great a husband the man truly was. How much did he provide for her after their split? About the same amount he provided for me...nothing.
It is long past the time to forget about this man other than by listening to and enjoying the majority of the music he made. Anything other than that of a seemingly positive nature was pure hype made up by marketing executives and a fawning liberal media.

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