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Beethoven. Frederick J. Crowest
02.04.2017, 20:49

Frederick J. Crowest - Beethoven (1911).pdf
No fault will be found in the choice of the subject of this book as the initial volume of the "Master Musi-cians" Series. Beethoven has been the theme of many writers, which is not unaccountable when we consider his extraordinary personality, and the enormous reach of his musical works and influence. Among all the Beethoven literature, however, it has been difficult to find a handy volume, at once illuminative and concise a book which, while it
would appeal to the average musician, would provide the larger public of ordinary readers with a complete and proper view of the immortal master. It is hoped the present work will meet this deficiency. I trust the result of my effort will be to induce readers, especially young people, to make themselves more and more acquainted with the life and works of the mighty Beethoven one of the greatest intellects who have ever graced the earth.

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