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Country:  Great Britain
Year:      1999
Director(s): Gerald Fox
Cinematography: Steve Haskett, Nina Kellgren
Sound: Paul Vigars
Editing: John Street
Participation: Thomas Ades
Producer(s): Gerald Fox, Jan Younghusband

A look at a musical genius at the beginning of a promising career, the British composer and conductor Thomas Ades (born in 1971). Some images in the film are the result of visual quest by the filmmaker and the composer. For example, his powerful symphony Asyla is illustrated with the images and musical ideas that inspired Ades when he was writing the work. The camera also captures the composer in rehearsals for Powder Her Face, his first opera composed in 1995 at age 24, which created a scandal for its frankness. The opera was presented in June 1999 at the Aldeburgh Festival, where Ades had just been appointed artistic director. The film also shows the composer participating in a retrospective of his musical works in Helsinki.

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